Mission and Vision

Accelerating Global Health through Education

Our Vision

At Shadow Health, our vision is a healthy global population unleashed to do its greatest good through healthcare educational technology.

Our Mission

At Shadow Health, our mission is to become the worldwide leader in healthcare simulation, providing educators and students leading-edge education technology centered on conversation-based learning across a cast of virtual patients.

We increase the effectiveness of healthcare practitioners by training them through measured improvement in practical application, patient interaction, and personal empathy, empowering them to increase the health of those they serve.

Our Strategy

At Shadow Health, we are LEARNERS and LEADERS.

Discovering and developing LEARNERS and LEADERS is at the center of our strategy, because we believe an organization made up of individuals choosing to live out these qualities is the best and only way to achieve our vision of accelerating global health.

We are LEARNERS because we are exploring where science, technology, education and healthcare meet and developing pioneer products for that space. In short, we are creating the future. The product we deliver has not been invented, yet. We are inventing it. And, in many cases, we don’t know what we don’t know. So we choose to learn. As individuals and as an organization, we choose to be LEARNERS.

We are LEADERS because we are going somewhere others haven’t been before. We are not creating the market. We’re not reinventing or re-imagining every facet of the work. But the sum total of what we’re discovering is new. And to get to somewhere new, someone must go first. So we choose to lead. As individuals and as an organization, we choose to be LEADERS.

Our Principles and Values

As we develop as Learners and Leaders there will be PRINCIPLES and VALUES that shape our culture and guide us as we go. These include:

Servants First

Heart for Learning

Agile. Always. All ways.

Disciplined Decisions

Operate in Our Strengths

We (You and I) Own It - Together

Servants First

At Shadow Health, we are in the business of serving.

We serve our customers. We serve our co-workers and company. We serve our community. We are SERVANTS FIRST.

A Servant Leader is someone who makes others their first priority. At Shadow, this foundation of serving others impacts everything we do. It impacts the products we develop, the code we write, the software we sell, train, ship, and support, the way we treat our co-workers, and the way we connect with our community. Serving is an expectation of everyone who works at Shadow. From the CEO to the latest new hire, service is our core commitment.

Every team member working here goes through a hiring process - designed to find the best of the best. Part of that process looks at the skills and experience you bring with you. Part considers your abilities to learn, to grow and to level up. Because our aim is to scale to a position of global leadership in our space - the most important part of that process is looking for your potential to lead. Every single worker at Shadow is a leader.

Our best measurement of leadership is a willingness to serve.

Heart for Learning

At Shadow Health, we are in the business of learning.

We create leading-edge educational technology for learners. But we’re learners, too. We have a HEART FOR LEARNING.

A heart for learning means that Shadow workers have never fully arrived. We are constantly taking in feedback from customers and end-users, increasing our understanding through thought-leaders and subject matter experts, listening and learning from one another to iterate and ship better and better product.

Every team member here adds value to our understanding, and every team member is a potential source for new insights and innovations based on their interactions with our customers and contacts around the world. Because we continuously deliver improvements in our products, Shadow as a company has to continue to learn. That means every one of us has to continue to learn and share our learning, as well. Every single worker at Shadow is a learner.

Our best measurement of learning is a desire to level up and help others do the same.

Agile. Always. All ways.

At Shadow Health, we are in the business of agile.

We see agile as a never-ending process of improvement and an agile workplace more of a direction than a destination. Agile is not something we are or we are not. Agile is something we’re becoming -- as individuals, as teams and as an organization. We have not arrived, but we are on the way to AGILE. ALWAYS. ALL WAYS.

Agile means flexible, changing, adaptive. As a business process, it serves software development by allowing teams to work quickly and collaboratively, rapidly delivering high business value through quality products, lower costs, lower risks and greater customer satisfaction. As an organizational process, it serves every team by providing increased transparency, communication and opportunity to serve according to our strengths.

Every team member at Shadow is not just important but essential to our productivity, growth and success. Because we believe we are better together, Shadow is committed to incorporating an agile development process and encouraging an agile mindset across all teams and in every Shadow worker.

Our best measure of agile is a commitment to the customer and to our co-workers even in the middle of change.

Disciplined Decisions

At Shadow Health, we are in the business of decisions.

Our past decisions led us to our present. Our present decisions will lead us to our future. Each choice we make - as individuals and teams - join together to define the choices our organization is able to make going forward, and so we are determined to make DISCIPLINED DECISIONS.

Our vision is to impact billions of lives by advancing healthcare and accelerating global good. Because the stakes are so high, our decisions matter - not just to us but to the world. Our first choices outlined our mission, built our team, and laid the foundation for our company’s current condition. Our choices now affect the products, processes and people that will either enable us to accomplish this important work or keep us from completing our mission.

Every team member at Shadow is responsible for daily decisions that either advance our efforts or push us off course. Choosing which client to connect with, what questions to ask a subject matter expert, who should write a particular line of code, or which teammate could use a simple word of encouragement are all individual decisions that impact the enterprise. Every decision helps define our direction, our destination and our dedication to getting there, so every decision and every decision-maker matters.

Our best measurement of disciplined decisions is individual pursuit of productivity and profitability across the organization.

Operating in Our Strengths

At Shadow Health, we are in the business of strengths.

We encourage and organize around a commitment that each of us operate within our strongest competencies - doing what we do best and distributing to others what they can do better. We believe our best work comes when we are OPERATING IN OUR STRENGTHS.

Operating in our strengths means learning what we’re great at - as individuals, teams and our organization as a whole. Individually, we leverage our strengths by being intentionally aware of our personality, passion, experience and skills. As a team, we’re better together because your strengths helps overcome my weakness and my strengths help overcome yours. As an organization, we’re strongest when we act as a team of teams, learning and sharing best practices and innovations to advance our common mission.

Every team member at Shadow arrived with some strengths and will, we hope, develop others. Our commitment is to help each team member identify their own strengths through times of reflection, team feedback and professional development. We are committed to not just identify those strengths but to put them to work and develop them to their very best potential.

Our best measurement of operating in our strengths is a clear sense of professional purpose for each team member in our organization.

We (You and I) Own It - Together

At Shadow Health, we are in the business of “we.”

Everything we have achieved, everything we are achieving and everything we will achieve to accomplish our mission and accelerate global health comes as a result of our work as a team. We are all contributors to the mission. We are all responsible for the mission. Therefore, we are all owners of the mission. WE (YOU AND I) OWN IT - TOGETHER.

Ownership of the vision and mission of our organization is not a function of job title. The most senior executive and the newest entry-level hire are equally owners of these things. An owner’s mindset means not just pointing out problems but seeking solutions. An owner’s mindset means not just announcing our strengths but acknowledging and addressing our weaknesses. An owner’s mindset means not just delivering a keynote but sometimes just taking out the trash.

Every team member at Shadow brings unique gifts, talents, skills and experiences that contribute great value to our organization. But as a team, we leverage those independent assets to create a coordinated and collective value that far surpasses the sum of the parts.

Our best measurement of “we” is how much each of us believes, speaks and takes action as an owner of our enterprise and then works as a team to accomplish the mission.