Learn the central ideas of Nursing Leadership

Leadership is a Digital Clinical Experience that engages students with the core principles of Leadership over the course of three simulated shifts in a medical-surgical unit. Students practice prioritization, professional communication, delegation, patient examination, and safety assessment while navigating scenarios that address conflict resolution, ethics, advocacy, and change management.

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Preceptor Diana

Launching Spring 2019

  1. May 2018

    Syllabi research and scenario development

  2. July 2018

    Initial prototype and framework development

  3. Sept 2018

    Subject Matter Expert feedback and iteration

  4. Nov 2018

    Learning Activity updates and evaluation

The framework in the Digital Clinical Experience
The Framework

Six assignments, three simulated 12-hour shifts in a medical-surgical unit

  • - Receive bedside handoff reports
  • - Prioritize among patients and delegate care
  • - Visit high priority patients and respond to emergent events
  • - Transfer care via bedside handoff reports
Leadership Behaviors

Prioritization, Delegation & Professional Communication

Students complete professional communication activities that include bedside handoffs, patient advocacy, ethical decision making, conflict management and change management scenarios. They work to utilize effective communication strategies when working as a member of the healthcare team and apply concepts of quality and safety to identify clinical questions and describe the process of changing current practice.

Professional Communication in the Digital Clinical Experience