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Become a Digital Clinical Experience Student Tester

In order to develop top tier web-based Digital Clinical Experiences, Shadow Health® is recruiting nursing and allied health care students to improve user experience by testing out new products and features. The feedback we receive from testers on the usability of Shadow Health’s prototypes directly contributes to the design and development of each product.

Our testing workflow occurs in two week cycles, so there may be new material for our testers as often as twice a month. Testing is conducted in two ways:

On-site testing

At Shadow Health home office (Gainesville, FL)

Students and faculty are invited to sit down with our testing coordinators to try out our most recent material. Each testing session ends with a short follow-up discussion about your experience and how you think we could improve our product based on what you just used. We try to keep these sessions to an hour in length. If you are not available to come in person, we are also able to conduct the same type of testing session using virtual meeting software; that way you can participate from home, or anywhere else with a good internet connection.

Asynchronous testing

At your home or office (Online)

This is usually in the form of an online assignment you can complete on your computer, from home, over the course of a week.

Time commitment is as minimal as two hours per week. The small time commitment may make this role seem trivial, but our testers are an important part of the development process. The improvements testers help us make and the insight they provide directly impact a product that will be in the hands of thousands of nursing students across the country.

Our testers are not employees of Shadow Health, but are independent contractors who sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and complete a W-9.

If you are currently a nursing student and would like to become a DCE student tester, please complete the form below.

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