Health Assessment

Engage students with conversation-based learning to practice critical thinking, apply clinical reasoning skills and engage in self-reflective dialogue about professional practice.

Shadow Health offers Digital Clinical Experiences for the following healthcare programs:

  • Nursing programs from A.D.N programs to graduate D.N.P. programs
  • Pharmacy
  • Physician Assistants (PAs)

Patients Across the Lifespan

Shadow Health’s patient cases are designed for students to practice communicating with and examining their virtual patients, as well as providing them the opportunity to document their findings, all while synthesizing the data and information they have discovered during the interaction.

  • Interview: Students engage in conversations with their patients to gather subjective data and practice patient-centered communication.

  • Examine: Students perform tests and use instruments to gather objective patient data.

  • Document: Students document their findings and compare their work to model documentation.

  • Learn: Students develop clinical reasoning skills by putting their assessment and communication skills to use right away in a digital clinic.

Patient Exams

Concept Labs

Concept labs are immersive tutorials that illustrate complex nursing subjects. Concept labs include examples of real body sounds and realistic, 3D anatomical body models to compare and contrast normal and abnormal findings. The interactive interface of these concept labs can be used to explore body systems at an in-depth level. These experiences make classroom concepts come to life.
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Concept Labs

Automatic Scoring

Each assignment provides students with immediate feedback and gives faculty the opportunity to review both the individual student's, as well as their entire class' performance on each simulation. Our immediate feedback dashboards allow for flexible grading strategies and provide students with multiple areas of feedback including model answers and documentation.

Scoring Rubrics